When to use Transfer.

Sometimes it might look like the same transaction appears twice in the app. Here are a few examples.

Moving money between accounts: When you move money between your cheque and savings accounts, you will see an expense, which is the money leaving your cheque account, and an income transaction, which is that same money being deposited to your savings. Both should be marked as transfers.

Income to connected accounts:
Suppose you have both a PayPal and a cheque account connected to the app. If a client pays you $500 via PayPal, you�ll see that income in your connected PayPal account. Then, if you move that $500 to your cheque account, you�ll see the $500 in income again there. The PayPal transaction should be marked as Business Income, and the cheque account transactions should be marked as a Transfer. That�s because you received the income in PayPal and simply moved that same money.

If you find that a transaction is not marked correctly and is double-counted, you can always change the category manually. 

You can also create a rule to tell our system to always mark transactions like these as Transfers.

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